Friday, October 19, 2018


Yesterday we went down to the boat ramp and participated in Wakama. Fonz, Ezra, Ethan, Izaiah and I went down first to go help put the Waka in the water. The guys that were there were Rob and Ropata. After they introduced themselves we put the Waka in the water. The rest of the class came down to help us. We went to Maikukus cave A lady called Sharee told us about her and her cave. My WALT was to steer the Waka. I did well in steering the Waka. I think I can do better in participating a bit more.

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  1. Kia ora Kingi, I really enjoyed reading your waka ama post because I felt it’s a very good way to explain to people what you felt like. This reminds me of doing waka ama by feeling that I was going to tip over with the rest of the people that were in the waka. What did it feel when you were sitting on the edge of the waka? Also I’d be suggesting that you should’ve gotten somewhere safe because you might’ve fallen off.