Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Tangelo

Tuesday 21st February Tangelo The Tangelo a round bumpy ball crispy when you peel the skin off. The juice so sticky the skin so sour and a strong smell. Bumpy on my tongue and sweet juice squirting onto my face making it sticky White stuff inside it looks yum but yuk. Tasted like a yum mandarin I but it didn't look like a real tangelo it just looked like a orange.

This is my descriptive Tangelo story. I learnt what it smells like, felt like, smells like, sound like and looks like. In the writing we had to put descriptive words in it to make it interesting.

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  1. Hi my name is Jeremiah and I'm from Panmure Bridge School. Very great description of a tangelo. It was very deep and descriptive. The only thing I need to point out is when you wrote "sweet juice squirting on my face making it sticky white stuff inside it looks yum but yuk" doesn't make sense. Because there is no punctuation to break up the two dependent clause. If there was punctuation it would be a complex sentence.